Pics of Moments

Warm Laundry Blankets


She is so quiet when she is sleeping.

Vet Day 3/2/18


Jade at the vet getting shots n shtuff

Vac-vac-vac-vacuum face


'.. is it gone yet?'

Pics and info coming sooon


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Pics and info coming sooon


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Pics and info coming sooon


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Memories & Moments

Fridge Fall

In November of 2017, the morning after Charloo broke his fang, Jade fell off the refrigerator ever so graciously. P said Jade had a funny delayed moment on the fridge as she slid off the top, and landed on her ribs. Haha!

April 2016 Cuddle

The first time I got to meet Jade Athena, she cuddled in my arms and took a nap. It was great to see Jade like me so much!

Drool time

I think it is so funny when Jade smacks her lips and walks up to us with a wet face. She is so gross, but I love every second of it!

Wall Lickings

Why does Jade love to lick the wall so much? We moved something away from the wall real quick (cant remember what) and Jade pretty much pounced on it. 'Ooh! Fresh wall!' Let the lickings commence!

Smelly Butt

It's fun to hear P react to Jade's smelly butt. It always makes me smile.


The sounds that Jade makes when you move her or pick her up are so funny. She really has the need to let you know that what you are doing is something she doesn't approve of. Her sounds....